What people have said about The Universal Journalist.

“What I admire about this book is that it is not simply a 'How to' manual – although it covers 'How to' and 'How not to' brilliantly; it is also a wise, witty and extremely entertaining read... Anyone who aspires to be a journalist – in any of the media – should read Randall. If they don't, they will, as I did, waste an awful lot of valuable time.”

Dame Ann Leslie, British Journalism Review

"A brilliant book. Probably the best general primer on journalism and reporting that has ever been written."

David Holmes, University of Sheffield

“David Randall shows there is a way to produce honest and thoughtful journalism.”

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

“Easily the best introduction to being a reporter I have come across. It provides solid, no-nonsense advice on the skills needed to do the job but is also willing to tackle the bigger issues every journalist must grapple with from time to time. Best of all, it has been written by a true newsman and his enthusiasm for the task in hand is evident on every page.”

Paul Jones, Course Leader
Press Association Editorial Training

“I like its common-sense practicality, its firm belief in honest reporting, and its commitment to quality... David Randall’s fluent style and his superb range of examples make this book a pleasure to read. Anyone who wants to be a journalist should go through it – again, and again, and again.”

Val Williams, The Thomson Foundation

“The best book on journalism I have ever read.”

Don Johnston, Editorial Consultant

“Gives some of the best insights into journalism that I've come across.”

Mark Davenport
Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Northumbria University

“An excellent 'insiders account' of the way journalists work and the things they need to know.”

Bruce Hanlin
Department of Journalism and Media, University of Huddersfield

“The Universal Journalist is a solid introduction to the skills needed to be an effective journalist. With lots of handy tips and anecdotes that aptly illustrate the points being made, it is a must-read for all budding student journalists.”

Sue Featherstone
Principal Lecturer in Journalism, Sheffield Hallam University

“The range of the book is impressive. I particularly liked the book for its sharp and gritty approach.”

Granville Williams, Free Press